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Hi everyone. I have to admit, I am not one to leave reviews for any and every experience, but this one is worth the effort of finding this page and taking the time to thank Dr. David L. Cloutier, DMD. I had two crowns done by another doctor up in Dallas that resulted in both of these teeth's nerves beginning to die. I lost the ability to chew on the left side of my mouth for almost six months, and my brain began training my mouth to only eat on one side. Sadly, I began to get used to this life. One of the teeth was more painful than the other one, and I was referred by a friend to see Dr. Cloutier for a potential root canal. Having to travel to San Antonio from Dallas, they were extremely accommodating with my schedule. The office was very clean and professional and everyone from the front desk to the assistants (shoutout to Allison) was very kind and explained everything I needed to know about the procedure, asking me if I had any additional questions before moving forward. Everyone made sure I fully understood what was about to be done. Dr. Cloutier was also very professional and relatable. During the procedure, I chose to use nitrous oxide gas and felt no pain at all. The procedure seemed to go by very quickly. After the root canal, I immediately felt relief in that tooth. Then I noticed that the tooth right next to it was feeling like it needed one as well. I didn't notice the pain in the second tooth before the first tooth had undergone a root canal because the first tooth was so painful before the root canal. I called the office a few days later to see if they could see me and examine my second tooth, they had me in that morning. I got the second root canal done a few days later. This was a lifesaver for me because I do not live in San Antonio, so if I was not able to get an appointment as quickly as I did, I would have had to leave for Dallas with pain from my second tooth and then have to schedule another time to travel back. Today I am forever grateful to everyone at San Antonio Endodontics, and especially Dr. David L. Cloutier because, for the first time in six months, I can chew normally again. I no longer have anxiety or fear of pain when I eat. These two root canals worked like magic! I can even eat carrots, apples, chips, cold, hot--anything. Thank you for bringing the joy back to eating! San Antonio Endodontics is an office that I trust with my mouth and is definitely worth traveling five hours to see.

- Steven G

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