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I would like to thank Gabriella, Mindy and Dr Ruparel for being the most amazing people to work with in this industry! I am an AF Veteran and was mistreated at another dentist office and SA Endodontics truly came through for me at the last minute when I was miserable in pain due to a necrotic root in my tooth right before my birthday. Gabriella is the most wonderful person who went above and beyond to get me scheduled without any hassle and made it extremely easy to get seen and followed up with me after my root canal to ensure I was healing well. I love her! Mindy is so skilled, down to earth, warm, caring, and very knowledgeable in her craft! She made me feel at ease and took away my pain and fears and explained everything step by step. Dr Ruparel is hands down the BEST person to go to if you need a root canal! I swear it doesn’t get any better than her!! She knew exactly how to figure out where my pain was coming from when I was previously misdiagnosed from another provider and saved me from getting a root canal on the wrong tooth! She is extremely intelligent, caring, beautiful both inside and out, and a thorough expert in her field! I couldn’t find a better person in Texas to take care of my root canal than these folks! If you need dental help, look no further, save yourself the time and pain and go straight to this office. THANK YOU TO GABRIELLA, MINDY AND DR RUPAREL. You didn’t just treat me like a patient, you took care of me like family. Love you guys!! Xoxo * The views and opinions expressed on this review are purely my own and based on my personal experience and are in no way sponsored or compensated

- Anjali S

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