Our Latest Patient Testimonial

By far the least unpleasant experience I have ever had for anything being done at a dentist office. I had a root canal and based on previous experience I was expecting the worst and everything I experienced that day was as wonderful a dental experience as I could imagine having at a dental office. I didn't have to wait before being taken back even though once I was in the back they seemed to be busy with a lot of patients, the procedure was much quicker then previous experiences, even the numbing shots didn't seem to hurt as much. Usually after the dentist even my neck/head hurts from being in an awkward position or having my mouth open for a long time but I was fine. My experience on 11/4/2019 for my root canal bothered me less then an average cavity filling, and everyone was nice, professional, and did they're job. I would definitely recommend anyone needing a root canal to go there. I saw Dr. James Ball. The only more pleasant experience I have endured at a dentist office had nothing to do with dentistry, you can infer what you want but i was about 11 years old.

- Francisco Z

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